Alan Barner

OT Marshall Architects

Alan has achieved significant respect in the field of Program and Project Management due to his experience with the successful completion of Bass Pro at the Pyramid and Saint Francis Hospital. Bass Pro at the Pyramid was a complex and
challenging project necessitating full-time on-site management to oversee a ll aspects of construction. His responsibilities were achieved due to his commitment to team building among clients, architects, engineers, builders and suppliers.

A leading authority of construction systems, building codes, life safety and accessibility codes, Alan is an advocate for sustainable design and construction. His dedication and technical expertise have earned him local and national recognition, particularly as the Program Manager of Bass Pro at the Pyramid. His guidance on the practical application of architectural and engineering design as it relates to its many
components - facilities, cost vs. budget, scheduling and materials — have been invaluable toward achieving long-term client goals.

With over 17 years of experience, Mr. Barner is well respected as a leading authority in Program Management and Project Management


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