Tiger Lane / Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium

At Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium, improvements had been stalled for a decade because the cost was considered too high, the construction timeline too long, the solutions too impactful, and the involvement of the U.S. Department of Justice over ADA issues too problematic. Project costing by officials at City of Memphis had placed the price for stadium improvements at more than $40 million, but through innovative design solutions by O. T. Marshall Architects, the stadium underwent major improvements that were constructed between football seasons and saved more than $30 million. The U.S. Department of Justice was impressed with the creative manner which its objectives were achieved within a reasonable cost.

Preceding the stadium improvements was the design and construction of Tiger Lane, a $16 million, seven-acre project that transformed the environment at the Fairgrounds, especially the gameday experiences of University of Memphis football fans.

Each of these projects presented their own set of complexities, but a commonality for all of them was that they included multiple cross-sector partners, the need to conform budgetary demands with aggressive design and construction schedules, and the need to improve infrastructure. Because of its unique knowledge of public sector policies and dynamics, O.T. Marshall Architects developed and helped navigate processes which resulted in projects that saved money, optimized form and function, and produced projects that have been universally praised and successfully achieved their aspirations.

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